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Yeah, we get it. It can suck entering a club looking less than perfect. But what’s perfect, anyway?

At Verge we meet you where you are and coach you to look and feel your best. No fear. No judgment. No bulging biceps. Get your sweat on. Drop those pounds. Get cut, fit, and lookin’ fine.

Ready to be blown away by how good you feel?

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Cody Davis

Personal Trainer

My name is Cody Davis. I have Olympic weightlifting, USA weightlifting, Level 1 CrossFit, and CrossFit gymnastics certifications. To look at me, you’d never believe I’m 42 and the mom of three kids! My greatest joy comes from helping people be successful. From clients meeting their training and fitness goals, to my kids, who struggle with autism and epilepsy. They have taught me so much about life, about challenges and victories. And about making choices every day to better ourselves and to improve our happiness and wellbeing. I want to help you do the same.

CJ Andrew

Personal Trainer

My name is CJ Andrews, and I love helping people with fitness goals. I have a degree in kinesiology plus NCSF personal training certification. Fitness has been my passion since I was a teenager. I will help you with weight loss, regaining function after injury, or just making everyday life easier. I love working with regular people, no matter your shape, size, or age. That’s where the greatest reward is, in partnering with our members to plan and hit their fitness goals. I can’t wait to get started with you.

Dean Chumley

Personal Trainer

My name is Dean Chumley, and I am a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I also have a degree in athletic training, with a minor in coaching. Strength training has completely changed my body and my outlook on life, and I love sharing that passion with my clients and gym members. I also love working with people on conditioning, injury prevention, and nutrition. I am motivated to help others improve their mental, physical, and emotional health, and exercise and fitness are a big part of that. In my free time, I enjoy fishing, hunting, golfing, biking, cooking, and spending quality time with loved ones. Religion is also an important part of my life.

April Lund

Personal Trainer

My name is April Lund, and I am a passionate advocate for health and wellness. I love working in our community to bring the values of health and fitness to everyone, and I make it a priority to volunteer my time for more than ten health and wellness organizations. I am honored to have been named the Most Impactful Member of the Community in 2017 and given the HERO Award by Blue Cross Blue Shield and the American Heart Association as well as being nominated for 2017 National Trainer of The Year award. I love running 5Ks to half marathons with the GYS Track Club and Epic Sports. I also enjoy sharing my wellness advice and inspiration as a regular guest on Bismarck’s local noon show, on KFYR TV. My husband Jeff, rescue K-9 son Jimbo, clients, athletes, and friends are the joys in my life.

Patrick O’Neil

Personal Trainer

My name is Patrick O’Neil, and I have been involved in the fitness industry for over seven years. I was also involved in sports throughout college. I have been with the Verge family since day one, when we opened. I started as a fitness consultant and then decided to move to a position as a personal trainer. I really enjoy helping people of all ages and getting to know what helps motivate them. If you find yourself in a slump and need a new workout, have never been in a gym before, or just need that extra push and motivation, come on in and ask for me!

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