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So what if you have a little extra around the waist. Or if you can’t do a chin-up to save your life. At Verge, we help you lose weight and gain strength. Plus confidence, energy and power. Just wait ‘til you meet the new you, ready to come out and play. You’re going to wonder where you’ve been all these years.

Suzanne Wentz

Bismarck, ND

I had hit a crossroads in my life where I didn’t feel quite strong enough, physically or emotionally. I’m so grateful my path crossed with Cody Davies, my amazing trainer and now friend. I started out nervous and scared to fail. In 6 weeks I’ve lost 3.5% body fat, 1 ¾ inches off my thighs, and 1 inch off my hips. I’ll never get tired of hearing her say “you got this, girl,” and “Great work, Suzanne!” I know I am a stronger, happier, and overall healthier me because of Verge.

Stephanie Bohn

Bismarck, ND

I joined the 6-week challenge to lose weight. I was at my heaviest and unhappy with myself, but I couldn’t find the motivation to change. The 6-week challenge gave me the push I needed. They make everything so easy by giving you meal plans and grocery lists, so you learn to eat right forever, not just a “diet.” They also offer tons of support and encouragement. Not only did I come away weighing less, I now have confidence in myself!

Rachel Steffen

Bismarck, ND

I joined the 6-week challenge to get mentally and physically stronger. Throughout the process, I found that having accountability at the gym, meal prepping and becoming aware of what I was eating were the key tools that helped me reach my goal of shredding fat and toning my muscles.

up your game

No more fitness plateaus. Change it up daily with the newest workout from Regymen.

inside verge

Who says fitness isn’t fun? At Verge, get ready to feel energized after a workout. You’ll feel tough, strong, and focused. Your body tightens. Your mind clears. Your mood lifts. Welcome to the new you. You’re going to get used to this!

group classes

It’s all about our fabulous instructors who teach you the moves and play kick-ass beats so you stay energized and in the zone.

personal training

It’s all about our amazing trainers who show you how it’s done and keep you motivated to bring it full on every session.



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