the verge

of a new you

bringing health & fitness to the rest of us

We know it feels awesome to be healthy and fit. And who’s going to argue with feeling vibrant, energetic, and flooded with confidence?

That’s what we bring to the Verge community. Bring your real self. Your bad self. Your slightly thick around the middle self. At Verge, we coach you toward the healthiest, fittest you. One step at a time. Why keep the awesome feelings to ourselves? At Verge, we like to share.



  •  Get that spa feeling as you walk in and meet our friendly 
 front desk attendant.
  •  Burn maximum calories with My Zone bands to 
 monitor your heartrate.
  • Practice your ninja moves in our blazing Code Blue fitness
 apparatus. Parkour is nothing next to Blue!
  • Experience constant motion using our high-end cardio gear: 
 Les Mills step machines, treadmills, bikes, and recumbents.
  • Hang out at the bar with dumbbells and sculpt your bod.
  • Dance, tone, Om, box, breathe, punch, squat, and jam 
 with our packed schedule of studio classes.
  • Hit peak performance with our brand new Red Zone class series.
  • Find that extra boost with our top-tier team of professional trainers.
  • Chill out and recover with a refreshing, protein-packed 
 smoothie in our fireplace lounge.
  • Socialize with friends who are as cool as you.

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